Nowadays, having the best product or service is no longer enough, today’s competitive marketplace requires you to have an appropriate online strategy to compete and maintain a long-term growth. 

But traditional communication and marketing techniques have become expensive and unprofitable, that’s why we are offering a new approach, that uses a mix of thoughtful and carefully chosen tactics to attract new foreign customers without interrupting them.

Our working method

Our consulting services are designed to increase not only the quantity, but the quality of your prospects, with personalized advice designed to helping you better market your products and services globally.

We work closely with you through a process that ensures the formulation of dynamic strategies that allow a sustainable success and profitability, because we understand that the decision to invest in outside help and choose the right agency is essential to the ongoing success of your business. 

Here is how we proceed:

First contact

Your collaboration with us begins with a short phone call / skype, to learn everything we can about your current situation and goals.

After the initial call, we check your online presence to see if we can work together, and give you another call to share our findings and recommendations.

If you agree to work with us, we will submit a formal written proposal outlining our strategy for the coming months.

Once you have consulted the document, we will call you to finalize the next steps to start the process.

Online presence audit

We will analyze your complete digital presence to understand how visitors find and interact with your brand online.

You will receive a detailed report containing the most relevant results, that show you the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing plan.

Market and competitors research

Analyzing your industry is an important step in our research, we use the best digital marketing tools to get all the information necessary for the success of your strategy.

We assure you, not only to follow industry best practices and take advantage of every possible opportunity to build your brand awareness in the market, but also that you will not make the same costly mistakes other companies do.

We provide you with specific information on:

  • Your target audience
  • The keywords used in search engines that convert
  • Popular topics of your industry

We will also let you know what your competitors are doing online, including their good and bad practices.

Strategy development and planning

As soon as we finish collecting all the information we need, we will use the data and insights gained to develop a personalized and unique strategy for your company.

We will choose the plan that provides the most satisfaction and the best results, and the final version will be assembled in a well-written document that explains each step of the process.

Depending on your needs, we can recommend a complete strategy or just a number of these techniques, to ensure you a more powerful online presence:

  • Complete international inbound marketing strategy
  • International content marketing
  • International social media marketing
  • International email marketing
  • International SEO
  • Multilingual website development / redesign
  • User experience
  • Mobile marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Rebranding
  • Storytelling
  • Web analysis

Strategy implementation

Once we have developed a coherent and adaptable marketing strategy for your business, we work with an internal point of contact to execute it.

As your consultant, we will supervise you while you realize the strategy, provide you with tips, tools, techniques and even trainings to show you how to achieve your marketing goals in the most efficient way possible.

Follow-up and improvement

As your strategic partner, we ensure the overall implementation of the strategy, as you manage its day-to-day execution.

We study your marketing approach, and suggest adjustments when the action is not effective.

Are you ready to increase your income with inbound marketing?

About us

Feroxia is the agency that helps you during your global digital transition, we act as your business partner and give you access to online marketing solutions, allowing you to enter new foreign markets, attract more customers and increase your income.

We establish for you innovative and personalized strategies, that meet your goals and needs to succeed internationally.

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